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On View: March 6 - May 1, 2021
What is essential to you? This is a question we should be thinking about as a community during the global pandemic, urging critical reflection on what we deem vital. #myessential is a collaborative mural project led by local artist JP Morel and guided by the imaginative virtual responses, creations, and spirit of local youth who collectively answered this important question. Through past, present, and future vantage points, the mural offers a visual diary of the "new normal" we are living in, sharing the experiences of our youth and what they consider essential now more than ever. 

We invite you to contribute to this community project by responding to the question What is essential to you and sharing your #myessential with us in the Gallery space and on social media. Learn more about how your can contribute in the video below! 

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Take a Virtual Tour of this Exhibition

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JP Morel

JP Morel is an active youth workshop leader (Lookup Theatre and Youth Literacy South Grey-Bruce) and accomplished visual artist who lives and works in Durham, Ontario. In 2017, JP was the lead mural painter mentoring local youth with Maria Hupfield in her exhibition East Wind/West Wind at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery. In January 2019, for her solo show at the Durham Art Gallery, she created a large scale tryptic and later that summer also completed a sixty-foot mural on a downtown building highlighting historical figures and members of the Durham Sauntering Band. In 2020, she designed and lead her team of volunteers tackling another sixty-foot mural depicting various animals which habitate in the Saugeen Conservation Area, earning a certificate of appreciation from Mayor Christine Robinson from the Municipality of West Grey.

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